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Pro model of rider Richy Sinkin!

It’s been a journey and yet a lot is ahead of us, we did collaborate with Richy Sinkin almost ever since and now we are proud to present his Pro model! This board is something called “old school - new shine”. Basically it is fast and responsive shape form 90’s that is “pimped” with mind-blowing tip and tail channel placement. Such design is there for massive pop delivery on air tricks, control on landings and... Pipes! After a bunch of tests we came out with “Thré3triple” design, where 2 side concaves are there for an extra snap on release and non-slippery landings - you will go flawless as a “Cho Choo” train on rails - no more bounce back or lost control. Secondly, these two outer concaves support the middle one so, that it remains bended in perfect pipe arch all tha’ way through presses no matter how tight you are locked in! Over-all this is the right choice for riders hitting obstacles and slaying air tricks every now and then or all-rounded deck for every one out there!


+ reinforced rocket launcher shape
+ durable park base
+ long out-centred deep double channels
+ reinforced shape of side sidewalls
+ skinny beany stance
+ carbon 3x3 insert Pax
+ absolute freak on spins
+ Thré3triple channel lay up

Sizes CM
145, 148, 153