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For rebels like you

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For rebels like you

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For rebels like you

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About Boont Wakeboards

BOONT Boards - is about pushing boundaries and making wakeboards that stand out. These are not just grate looking boards, they are outstanding boards for smooth and fun rides on water. BOONT wakeboards with real character and real integrity - For rebels like you!

The idea of BOONT started when we decided to make an outstanding wakeboard which will be so special as if you made it for yourself but same time it should suite wider auditory of riders with different skill levels and riding styles. We took different approach we went to riders with different skills, riding styles, played with every new technologies and new shapes to create a wakeboard for YOU. 

Every flawless result consists of tested materials, precision equipment, and carefully established techniques, which allow BOONT to create a more durable and flexible wakeboards.

Why BOONT is so grate it is simple because we make it for YOU! The main rule is carefully listen to every rider and combine their needs and experience with new Hi Tech technologies so every wakeboard and every model we make is better and better.

To further the experience, BOONT has Special BOONT Board Devision. This is separate state of the art facility home of halo models, limited edition wakeboards and bespoke personalisation services delivering ultra-hight quality products.

This way every product becomes a representation of the rider’s identity, in the way it rides and in the way it looks.

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