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Spanish Mafia 2022 Spanish Mafia 2022 Spanish Mafia 2022 Spanish Mafia 2022 Spanish Mafia 2022

Spanish Mafia 2022

Spanish Mafia 2022


This is a board
of choice of our
Spanish Mafia gang!


Good old Spanish Mafia board with rocket launcher shape that provides unbelievable pop and spin momentum as well as completely effortless riding. Prolonged continuous side cut of the shape makes the board easily change lanes and provides the sort of feeling as you would literally cruise down a hill on a longboard. Reinforced side walls with new diamond shape let’s you shred the board as never before. Underneath, as always, in Boont line-up there is a durable park base and new placement of the bottom channels - now on the bottom of the board there is an arch concave laying all the way under the feet which is there for your pillow soft landings and pleasures flex on the obstacles, as well channels are moved further away from the centre and extended almost trough the length of the board which provides a more aggressive and responsive cut. Tip&Tail surface area has been decreased to make the board extra snappy on ollies. As for “new school” riders the skinny beany stance is there, put your legs together and get hyped!


+ rocket launcher shape
+ durable park base
+ arch concave
+ long out-centred deep double channels
+ reinforced diamond shape sidewalls
+ decreased Tip&Tail surface
+ skinny beany stance
+ carbon 3x3 insert Pax
+ magic touch of our
+ Spanish gang